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 Team History

The Giants were one of five teams that joined the NFL in 1925. They are the only one of that group that still exists. Tim Mara bought the franchise for $500. Jim Thorpe was signed the first season but later released. They went 8 – 4 the first season. The Giants have more championship appearances than any other team. During their history, they have featured 15 Hall of Fame players.
Owners – John Mara, Steve Tisch
NFL Champs – 1927, 1934, 1938, 1956
Super Bowl Champs – 1986, 1990, 2007, 2011
NFC Champs – 1987, 1991, 2001, 2008, 2012
Playoff Appearances – 31

Sculpture Description

Legally named the New York Football Giants, the team was named after the tall buildings in New York City. The team originally shared the Polo Grounds with the baseball Giants. Its heated rivalry with the Philadelphia Eagles is the oldest in the NFC East and has been called the best rivalry in the NFL in the 21st century. Our sculpture displays the dominance and fear that the Giants have over their opponents.
Sculpture Size: 20” x 20” x 9
Price $3,250

The Sculptor Company has created a hand sculpted limited edition bronze sculpture for each of the thirty-two teams that make up the National Football League. We currently have eight completed pieces of art. Each solid bronze sits upon a marble base and depicts the mascot or history of the team it represents.
Each sculpture will be approximately 20” x 20” x 9”. It weighs 28 – 32 pounds. Each customer will have the opportunity to create a personalized nameplate to go on the front of their art piece. This will give the owner the ability to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come showing their loyalty and support for their “Team” and the NFL.