About the Artist

Sean Frederick Joyce was born in Connecticut in 1956. Sean is a Neoclassical Figurative Realist painter and sculptor. His technique draws inspirations from the Mannerists to the Surrealists, from the Renaissance and Dutch masters, to the Romantics and the American Realists. He is completely self-taught; having no formal art schooling. His artistic gifts were evident in his first sculpture completed at the age of three. He began oil painting at seven, making adroit Cubist and Impressionist studies. He felt the deepest affinity within the Italian Renaissance masters. He won art awards in all the schools he attended, setting his own art curriculum from the sixth grade until his high school graduation.

Rather than going to college, he then decided to further his education by applying his diverse talents in the film industry, where he worked for the next ten years in various capacities.
He worked as a key animator at Bakshi Productions, was a storyboard artist/illustrator for Columbia Pictures and other major studios, and finally, for five years, was a matte painter/designer at George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic.

After winning the 1986 eighth annual James Wilbur Johnston Sculpture competition, held in Washington at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Mr. Joyce left his film career and briefly went on to teach figurative and portrait sculpture, painting and drawing at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco.
For three consecutive years, beginning in 1989, he was invited as a guest teacher for California State University’s Summer Arts Festival at Humboldt State University, in the areas of life drawing, portrait and figurative sculpture and painting.

For the past ten years he has worked almost exclusively on his fine art. His paintings can be found in the collections of Gerard Depardeau, Noah Wyle, Nick Cassavetes, Charles Sheen, Luke Perry and Jason Priestly.