Personalized Bronze NFL Sculptures

Each piece of artwork is of museum quality. Every design stands approximately 20"x20"x8" and weighs 28 - 32 pounds. These are available to every true fan of the National Football League. Each "Fan" will be able to create a personalized nameplate depicting their association with the team. This will also give the owner the ability to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come, showing family and friends their loyalty to their "TEAM" and the National Football League.
The cost of each sculpture will be $3,250, plus shipping and handling.

Why own a Sculptor Company Bronze NFL sculpture

  • The only product of its kind being offered to/for any professional sports organization world wide.
  • The sculptures are individualized and original.
  • Each sculpture will have a personalized nameplate designed by the customer.
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A..

Original Bronze Sculptures of Your Favorite NFL Team.

The Sculptor Company, located in Mapleton, Utah, and Saint Cloud, Florida, creates original, unique, museum-quality, bronze artwork for dignitaries, communities, companies, universities, and private art collectors.
The Sculptor Company has created drawings for a hand sculpted limited edition bronze sculpture for each of the thirty-two teams that make up the National Football League. Each solid bronze will sit upon a marble and wood base and depicts the mascot or history of the team it represents.